Friday, 4 January 2013

Education System : It's comprehensive overhaul is need of the hour

The lack of professionalism in the education system of India since last seven years is profoundly a matter of serious concern.The drawbacks witnessed by our education system especially in the last  half decade are immense. Salient  fields  such  as engineering and medical have failed miserably and their performance has been completely lacklustre. We have infrastructure to fill up thousands of  students but the sophisticated and intellectual faculties who have the deep element of professionalism are missing terribly. Pick any educational institution and there would be fewest ones who have the capability to synergize theoretical knowledge with practical orientation. Has teaching really become a nine hours job ? The question surely needs to be answered.

The quality of good workmanship in the educationists of today has vanished. Most of them are only busy in completing the prescribed syllabus by the board no matter if the students are able to grasp the concept properly. Endeavors are half-hearted. Interaction between the teacher and student is reducing due to the widening of communication gap. It is a fact that student will not understand everything taught in the class but teachers are applying half-hearted effort to help students to comprehend the subjects. Such kind of loose attitude only aggravates the misery of the students.The direct consequence is that student put  the core fundamentals of the subject aside and lay emphasis upon the coverage of the whole syllabus through rattafication and ultimately the only implication that surfaces is disappearance of practicality.

The purpose of the education is to discover the talent of an individual and nurture it in an optimal manner. Moulding has to be prevented which we mostly observe in our system. Practicality and relevance are the key elements that has to be ensured. Educationist's should instill some kind of energy in the system by connecting class theory with real-life examples.Personality, moral and ethical lessons needs to be introduced. A comprehen- sive overhaul of the system is the need of the hour.

 Prepare a student to how to face life not exams !