Wednesday, 4 June 2014

India is Modi, Modi is India . . . ?

As I sit down to write this Republic of India has got Shri Narendra D. Modi as its 15th premier. The people of the country gave a resounding mandate to Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) by choosing BJP as its electoral choice. The country this time witnessed what I call as watershed elections where people transcended above the casteist  notions and voted with a resolve to weed out menace of corruption and propel economic growth. Thanks to Anna Hazare's anti-corruption campaign in 2011 and emergence of Aam Aadmi Party both of which spread the electoral awareness across the length and breadth of country, 66% of the population poured into the voting booths to exercise their electoral franchise. High turnaround can also be attributed to desperate youth that constituted reasonable chunk of voters and voted for CHANGE both social and economic.

No need to tell expectations of people from Modi government are immense. In fact quantum of expectations from Narendra Modi is much more greater than the expectations people  had with Sachin Tendulkar when he was invariably under the scanner for his 100th century. People have literally gone crazy of Narendra Modi. The truncated phrase 'Namo'  reverberated in the ears of electorate during the election campaign. Now Narendra Modi being elected as a prime minister, his government will be in direct confrontation with number of challenges including revival of economic growth, policy paralysis and rampant corruption. BJP was screaming hoarse about Congress of its inability to propel growth when latter was in power. Now power being transfeered to BJP, it would be interesting to see whether BJP is a case of relevance or superficiality. If BJP proves itself to be a case of relevance then Shri Narendra Modi will surely get a second chance in 2019 to serve the nation. However in the opposite case, with greatest of respect I would like to remind BJP's brass -

" Janta Tumhe Maaf Nahi Karegi . . . ! "