Friday, 10 February 2012

Mumbai to Bombay. . . Reinventing Myself

 18:15 hrs
      Today I went to the Yashoda Hospital to collect the medical report of my mother. When I came out of the hospital I saw a mere 4 to 5 year old small kid sitting on the Thella, selling the groundnut and gajjak.I felt so much pity on his condition that I took out Rs 5 from my wallet and gave it to him(I buyed nothing from him).Then I went to the Nehru Cricket Stadium just opposite to the hospital and made 6 rounds non-stop around the boundary line.Perhaps this was my most mind-boggling jog till date because all through out my brain was occupied with the pathetic images of the little kid whom I just gave Rs 5.While jogging I spoke to myself-"You have made a mess of yourself by withdrawing from the merchant navy( TS Chanakya Mumbai) which could have landed you in the golden heaven and you could have been earning Rs 500000 per month(which is much more than what a typical 9 CGPA IITian earn in the beginning!!) and living a pretty luxurious life. Rs 500000 per month would have been a ample amount of money to help these poor kids...Screw you Siddharth!!". Anyway,the pathetic condition of that little kid made me to rethink of my Mumbai Saga...

1 Year & 5 Months Ago...

15th Aug, 2010, 05:11 hrs 
I landed in Mumbai (at Mumbai Central) for the first time ever in my life  after travelling 1400 km long distance in 22 hours from Ghaziabad by Golden Temple Mail cutting across the territory of  New Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujrat and finally Maharashtra.
16th Aug, 2010, 11:15 hrs
I went to the Directorate General of Shipping , Mercentile  Marine Department , Mumbai Central to complete official procedures & medical tests.After completing all the formalities I provisionally got admitted in the Training Ship Chanakya.
19th Sep, 2010, 16:15 hrs
However I withdrew from the institute in between the term .The reason was simply that in 2010 India was hitted rock hard by the gigantic 2G spectrum license allocation scam (1.76 lacs crores loss to the exchequer) and I got so much frustated at that particular point of time I firmly decided that I will be going to curb this sort of financial irregularity / mismanagement by getting into administration activities. IAS was the only plausible thing that an ordinary like me can think of and it would not have been possible if I were in the merchant navy.So I withdrew from TS Chanakya  IMU and took admission in a state regional college where I am currently  pursuing  graduation in  Computer Science (B.E) . The most interesting thing about this institute is that if you are a girl candidate then you will get a reservation in seat allotment . More over if you are a girl candidate and belonging to the  SC / ST 's category, you can perhaps hit a jackpot! I wonder if the girl is a type of gender or any community?

It has been nearly one and a half years since then.They say time never remains the same, it keeps on changing.In these one and half years  I have intercepted various kind of things and came across peoples of different age groups who maintain different opinion regarding life & certainly it has affected me to a lot of extent. My mindset has dramatically changed. Now the issue of prime concern is that I have become so much passionate about pursuing my career in Bollywood(Bombay Cinema) that IAS seems to be secondary. I admit that I was so much desirous of being an IAS when I withdrew from T S Chanakya but now I am following different rhythm which seems to be awkward to everyone except me. One may declare me as a PSYCHO .But I have comprehensively monitered and analyzed the situation and came to a conclusion that  ..........                     I am suitable for becoming a film artist.

I have always maintained that a person should tie himself to his UNIQUE goal.His aim should be the top most priority in his whole life. But I DO NOT have any single aim . Actually I have many and they evolve from time to time.The word IAS revolved around me one and a half years ago . Now a feeling comes to my mind that do I really possess the qualities of becoming an IAS officer? Do I really deserve to be a part of an Indian Administration?One and a half year ago I became infuriated and my resentment level went so much beyond the normal level over the alleged spectrum scam that I threw up my hands in disgust and started aspiring for the IAS citing the reason that I want to curb the corruption prevailing in the country . Was my 'firm' decesion really justifiable....? Actually No. I think I was kind of little cynical at that time.Going with the unreasonable self-interest during that period of time was perhaps the reason for taking the decision.

In course of time,I have penetrated into the numerous situations and the only common aspect that I have came across is the FAME. Acting is the best nuance to attain it.To achieve this I can bid goodbye to the academics  because it cannot provide me the fame.Grades are no more of a primary concern that they used to be.But there is one imperitive thing that we all should remember.It is always good to be passionate about something.I am passionate about acting,you might be passionate about some other thing.But passion should be secondary to the basic needs.Haan,agar pet bhara hua hai toh koi dikkat nahi lekin agar khali hai aur phir bhi aap apne passion ke piche bhag rahe ho,tabh toh phir problem hai. So the simple logic is first fulfill your basic needs and then go for your passion.Acting is my passion and I'll certainly go for it after fulfilling my basic needs ( if they are achieved ).Of course it will earn me the fame as well as money in plentitude through which I will be able to eradicate the pathetic condition of thousands of such poor kids who are unable to access the basic needs for their sustenance includ- ing education and are persuaded to work under the tough conditions.But the biggest question is that will I be able to return back to the Bombay  which I left as a Mumbai in the wake of cynical-ism.

Will I be able to trace the circle ?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Do Grades Govern My Life..?

I know my grades were not going to help me in achieving what I wanted to do in my life...I do not understand how success can be linked to one's academic result.It is the talent that counts not marks. If this is not true , then there are thousands of people  graduating from the reputed  universities around the world with considerably good marks every year but they fail to do any relevannce and have a living similar to that of dulls. Can they provide any justification regarding this ? Till now they haven't. You cannot strike a big deal and achieve fame even with the exemplary result in academics.Artistic skills is the cause you should buy into especially if you are an Indian.