Monday, 28 May 2012

IPL - The breeding ground of NONSENSE ?

Indian Premier League or DLF IPL rather as they call  it  is  a brilliant  idea  which has  caught the imagination of everyone and greatly benefited the cricketers is sinking into the morass of shame and scandal.An innovative venture which enormously helped India to lift the World Cup after 28 long years has found itself  mired  in  sleaze and corruption because  of   the    nonsensicality   of  celebrities , indiscipline of players and governing council's weak regulatory framework. Financial irregularities have become a recurrent theme and cricket is hardly any primary activity in the gigantic showbiz.IPL is turning out to be next SHARJAH where sordid saga of betting market is clouding.There is a strict need to preserve the sanctity of the sport NOT by terminating the league but rather introducing strict surveillance, transparency , control and keeping people of unknown means out of the cricket circle.