Thursday, 14 June 2012

Date with Terrorism

Saturday,13 September 2008

Serial Blasts in New Delhi

18:45 hrs
I was at the FIITJEE, New Delhi. Chemistry class  of Chemical Kinetics was going on and Pramod Sir was teaching about the  mechanism of radioactivity in the class.He was telling about the nuclear fission process when suddenly the cellphone of my friend Ankit Johri rang.He was reluctant to take the call but  accepted it however . I was looking at the Pramod Sir who was writing at the blackboard about the theory of nuclear fission . Suddenly Ankit remarked- "Barahkhamba Road,Connaught Place , Karol Bagh aur Greater Kailash mein serial bomb blast hue hain.".I promptly responded "Kya ? " .He replied "Haan , Papa ne abhi phone par bataya.Kuch aur bomb India Gate aur Regal Cinema ke bahar difuse kiye gaye hain.". I completely went shocked  and trembling. I recalled my father had went to the guest house at Khel Gaon ,Hauz Khas for a meeting with the officials.A thought swaying my brain,I instantly picked out my cellphone from my pocket and dialled my father's cellphone.But what is this.A computer voice on the other side sounded- " This number is temporarily out of service.Please try later."I tried again,it sounded the same.Upto now Ankit has had spread the news about the serial bomb blast in the whole class which created an intense speculation.Pramod Sir went outside probably to inform the other faculties about the blast.Class was set in abeyance. 'Bomb Kinetics' had shown its chemical effect.

I was fumbling with my mobile phone.I was not able to establish connection with my father's cellphone.Even after 'numerous' repeated attempts I was unable to make a connection with my father. Suddenly Ankit voiced in hectic tone most probably to himself-"Abe yaar mummy ka mobile phone  nahi lag raha.Temporary out of  service bata raha hai".I instantly voiced to him"Haan mere papa ka mobile phone bhi nahi lag raha !" . Suddenly Keshav my classmate sitting on the front seat shouted in a loud voice- "Saare mobile networks crash kar gaye hain blast ki wajah se." 

19:00 hrs
Pramod Sir stormed into the classroom along with the centre head academics.Head told us that he has got message that DTC bus service on our route has been drawn to abeyance  because of the serial blasts. All the students can return to their home because you won't probably see any bus commuting after half an hour or so. Class are suspended for today.I hurriedly pumped my study packages and  registers into the bag ,came outside the  coaching institute building and hurried to the bus stop.After waiting for 20 minutes at the bus stop DTC bus of  Shivaji Stadium-ALT Ghaziabad route finally arrived though but heavily overcrowded.After lots of hustle and tustle I managed to get into the bus carrier.There were so much poeples inside the bus that I almost got crushed .Somehow I got to reach the conductor and asked him to give the ticket upto Kavi Nagar Ghaziabad.But he declined to give the ticket and replied-"Aaj gaadi sirf  Anand Vihar ISBT tak hi jaegi".I responded "Kya ?".He replied "Haan".I voiced in a sad tone to myself rather than to him"Abe yaar".

I got off outside the Anand Vihar ISBT and walked to a bus stop at Pacific Mall, Ghaziabad.Pacific Mall is situated at the Delhi-Uttar Pradeh border.There was a bizarre scene at the bus stop.There was not just an overcrowd one may assert,but a scene that could be seen at a refugee camp.There was hundreds of thousands of  people and I was so much perplexed over the thought that how would I be able to reach the home now.Misfortune was bestowed upon me when the private bus arrived after 45 minutes and spoilt commuters got into it before it halted and bus got completely filled before it actually stopped.After it stopped everyone rushed towards the bus as if there is none after that.There was so much overcrowd at the entrance gate of the bus.Ladies were screaming badly and the little kids were crying because of wild hustle and tussle in the heavy over crowd.I preferred not to board the carrier after seeing so much heavy overcrowd. Suddenly I saw silver coloured Santro Xing with my car  number..."Oh.. it's mine! It's Papa in the car !"I exclaimed and felt so much zealous and relaxed after seeing him.I ran towards the car and got inside it  impetuously.I kept tuned to the different radio channels in the car's stereo to get the updates of the blasts.Radiocity,Big 92.7 FM, Red FM, Radio One, Radio Mirchi and All India Radio all were shouting of high alert declared in the national capital .Helpline numbers were being circulated through radio.Various inferences were being figured out from the terrorist activity.Listening all the stuff on the radio I reached home around 10:15 P.M.