Friday, 14 September 2012

Luck in Favour !

    If you are a luck oriented person, I guarantee you will never succeed.The basic truth is that luck  favours only those people who are hardworking, who put all their focus on the sheer hardwork and never think about what part their fate would play.

I have came across so many peoples in my life who are dependent on the luck.They often told me the following things when I asked them how they are going to deal with/achieve their goal -

1)  I will try .
2)  I will see if these particular method works or not.
3)  I have nothing to loose.
4)  I would try for experience.
5)  Anyway, I haven't tried enough but I will see if there is something.

If any individual thinks in this manner then he all set to face the failure because in this sort of mind framework he lacks self - confidence, focus and determination. In this situation how can the fate play the fair game ?

Individuals dependent upon the fate does not taste success rather they experience heart breaking failures. Success  comes to those who possess sound mentality and 'never-die' attitude.  Only these kind of people succeed in achieving the elusive. There are only few peoples who have the capability to  pursue their aim right till the end, they never give up before they actually realize their dream and ultimately they are only ones who taste the success. .

There is only one way to get rid of fatalism is to accept your responsibilities and rather than believing upon the fate, obey the principle of Cause and Result.Try to ascertain the cause of mistake that led to your downfall and work upon it sincerely & wholeheartedly. Any kind of goal  that you perceive in your life doesn't comes only on the account of liking, thinking and waiting. It is only realized when you evince commitment, consistency, smart thinking and proper planning.

Luck will favour only if there is nice tuning between preparation & the availed opportunity. Without sincere efforts and  absolute preparation, LUCK FAVOUR is damn impossible. Prayers will be accepted  if enormous courage and sheer commitment has been shown by the person  towards his goal . So don't waste your time while being sitting and waiting for the good-luck to happen,  rather strive hard to make your endeavours pure enough so as to date with the resounding success.  

 Have only one quote regarding your aim - " It is mine and I will have it ! "